Why Do I Need to Get My Brakes Flushed?

The fluid in your brake lines absorbs water. As water and dirt get into your brake system, they reduce performance and can eventually corrode your brakes.

Recommended once every two years or 30,000 miles. 

Here's What We Do

Inspect brake lines for leaks

Drain old fluid from master cylinder

Fill master cylinder with new brake fluid

Bleed each brake until brake fluid runs clear

Replace bleed screws

Refill master cylinder

Test brakes

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Happy Customers

“The staff was extremely courteous, and friendly. I truly appreciated how up front and thorough John was with explaining everything wrong with my vehicle, and how to go about fixing it. The prices were superbly reasonable too! I will be using them for all of my future vehicle needs!”

Clarence G.

“I was so pleased Bowie Auto and John were able to fix the valve cover gaskets on my old Subaru Forrester. It continues to run well and no more smell of gas.”

Upper Marlboro, MD.